M/T Seacross


B&W 6S70MC-C (25320 HP)


163,000 DWT


Rjeka, Croatia


I.PANTACHOS- A. VENTOURIS S.A. received an enquiry from Thenamaris shiping Company to perform in-situ machining repair  related to vessel’s shafting arrangement.

More specifically, the fwd liner suffered from adverse pitting, had inadequate sealing areas, and had to be dismantled, removed mandatorily at first instance- meaning that the shafting extraction process had to take place at first.

Our company quickly responded to the enquiry, discussed the job’s scope and repair procedures with the Company’s technical representative and was promptly awarded the job.

A series of trials, relevant fabrications, and mobilization of our equipment on-site led to the avoidance of shafting dismantling and extraction.

The OD of the chrome liner was in- situ machined off approx. 1.3 mm in diameter, in order to establish a proper sealing surface.

The above mentioned machining procedures were completed successfully owing to

  • the use of our own special, custom-made equipment,
  • the provision of our own special carbide cutting tools and
  • the high technical expertise and advanced know-how of our service engineers.