In accordance with the fixed policy of I. PANTACHOS-A. VENTOURIS O.E. (Company) to respect the quality of the products and services it provides, the Company implements a Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001:2015 standards.
Within this framework
• All Company personnel are committed to:

• To serve customers quickly & efficiently,
• To make every possible effort to satisfy their requirements
• To work closely with the Company's suppliers, in order to ensure the best result for it and its customers
• To correct the problems, it identifies and to monitor the performance of the measures to deal with them, so that they do not recur
• To constantly improve his skills in order to achieve the above.

• In particular, the Management of the Company is bound to the following:

• The Company will fully comply with the current legislative and regulatory framework governing the business sector in which it operates
• will continuously improve the Processes and Procedures it applies for its operation, with the aim of maximizing the benefit of its customers as well as its own performance
• will establish realistic and measurable quality objectives, which will be regularly evaluated for their effectiveness and if necessary redefined
• will ensure that it has at all times:
• properly selected and trained staff,
• good infrastructure,
• suitable working environment,
to achieve these goals.
All the Company's employees are responsible and cooperate in meeting the Company's commitment to QUALITY. Efforts to continuously improve the quality offered are permanent and the results are measurable.